Collateral Management


A tripartite agreement between a debtor, a creditor and a Collateral Manager setting out, inter alia, the obligations of the Collateral Manager which usually include Undertakings to hold the relevant assets to the order of the creditor and to regularly inspect and report to the creditor on those assets.

PROLATY’s collateral management solutions reduce operating risk by ensuring that stored commodities remain under safe custody and comply with contractual requirements.

Using our collateral management services assures you of the availability and quantity of the goods worldwide and therefore minimizes the threat of financial loss. A collateral management agreement (CMA) with PROLATY allows you to acquire clear legal title as owner or pledgee, by virtue of having possession of the commodities.

We act as the custodian of the goods, taking continuous and exclusive possession of them until they are sold or exported. We hold the commodities in a PROLATY warehouse, in an independent storage facility that we use under contract, or in the producer’s premises that have been leased to us. Depending on local laws, we are able to issue documents of title or non-negotiable receipts for the goods under our exclusive possession and control.


There is various collateral management services of which PROLATY specializes in only agriculture product.

As agricultural goods progress from field to fork they require attention, tracking and integrity. We offer an end-to-end supply chain range of services that reduce risk, ensure quality and improve productivity. We help ensure the integrity of the food chain by managing crops, enhancing seed development, conducting soil testing and harvesting, moving products through the global supply chain and managing trade inspection at export and import.

Agriculture and food: how PROLATY can help you grow your business.

Agriculture and food are arguably the world’s most important industries. Consumers want assurance of safety and quality at every stage of the process. Our comprehensive range of services can help you:

    • Safeguard your consumers:
    • Comply with complex legislation:
    • Ensure correct storage, shipping, packing and distribution:
    • Ensure quality and safety throughout the diverse supply chains:

We offer stand-alone or integrated solutions to assist organizations that are involved in agrochemicals, seed, bio fuels, fertilizers, farm machinery and supplies, financial and insurance industries, storage, processing facilities and logistical construction, preparation of fresh produce for market and prepared food products.