Asset Valuation and Barcoding

We undertake physical verification and condition assessment of all types of fixed assets. This is normally  followed by the valuation of the assets for variety of purposes, including the following: Accounting/ Balance sheet; Rating; Rent assessment; Mortgage; Investment Appraisal; Liquidation; Divestiture; preparation of prospectus of companies slated for listig (IPO) on the stock Exchange) Markets.

The types of assets valued include land and buildings, specialized Plant & Machinery, including Communication Towers and Equipment; Furniture and Equipment as well as Transport assets such as Motor Vessels and motor Vehicle.

  1. Asset bar code labels
  2. Permanently identify your assets by adopting our special bar-coded labels.
  3. You’ll improve efficiency and reduce errors by automating asset tracking
  4. It saves time as data can be quickly retrieved or entered
  5. It offers automatic product identification and extremely fast recognition
  6. Using barcodes is a very integral way of assets/inventory tracking process that offers countless benefits to the company Stop tracking your assets with manual hand written codes.
  7. Barcodes labels are the future of assets tracking and management.
  8. We have various types of asset bar-coded labels to suit any environment
  9. Our special aluminium bar code labels are indelible, scratch proof and can withstand extreme climatic conditions
  10. The barcode labels will incorporate your corporate logo if desired